5 Free Psychic Love Readings You Can Do Online Right Now

Free psychic love readings

Psychic love readings you can do yourself

Got questions about love? Wondering about your dating life? Romance on the rocks? For centuries, the hopeful and the lovelorn alike have turned to oracles and fortune-tellers for guidance. If your questions are burning inside you, maybe it’s time for a free psychic love reading?

these 5 free psychic readings take just a minute or so each

If you’re looking for a little quick insight into your love life, these 5 free psychic readings take just a minute or so each, and will just might give you the answers you’re looking for. Just remember to go in with an open mind — which also happens to be the best advice for a first date.

List of free psychic love readings

  1. Love I Ching The I Ching is an ancient Oracle which originated in China over three millennia ago.  It all starts by simply flipping 3 coins, a total six times. The I Ching produces answers which are so astoundingly accurate, that thousands of years later the ancient Oracle is still impressing knowledge-seekers all over the world.  iFate’s “Love I Ching” is an easier-t0-understand take on the ancient classic, tailor-made for questions about love and romance.
  2. Biorhythms for Couples: If you’re already in a relationship, or you’re such a stalker that you happen to know the birth-date of your crush, this biorhythm calculator compares the biorhythms of two people. By comparing both of your cycles, you’ll be able to see when you’re “in sync” — or when it might be a better idea to take a little private time.
  3. Love Tarot Spreads: No list of free psychic love readings would be complete without tarot.  While tarot can be used to answer questions about just about any subject under the sun, this set of classic “love tarot” spreads are favorites for answering questions about dating, relationships and other questions of the heart.
  4. Rune Love Reading: Rune readings are amazing when it comes to answering life’s big questions, but they’re not known for being great when it comes to insight on dating and relationships. This simple rune spread though, shaped like a heart (sort of), does a remarkably good job at answering questions about your love life.
  5. Love 8 Ball: Remember playing with a Magic 8 Ball when you were younger? iFate’s “Love answers” variation of the Mattel Toys classic swaps out the classic answers for blunt, sometimes snarky answers about love, relationships and dating. (Be warned: The Love Answers 8 Ball isn’t the most polite oracle).

Of course, if you’re looking for professional insight, nothing beats a psychic love reading by a skilled professional psychic.

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