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Every Tarot Card In My Spread Is Reversed. What Does It Mean?

Every tarot card reversed

Short Answer

When many, or all cards come up reversed in the same spread, it often indicates a large number of suppressed or internalized energies. Aside from that general observation, the details still lie within each individual card meaning.

A common question we get is “What if every tarot card in a spread comes up in a reversed position? What does that mean?”

We’ve covered the meanings of reversed tarot cards before, but this is a more specific question. It relates not just to one card, but to an entire spread filled with reversed cards.

If every card is reversed there’s usually a greater, macro meaning to the spread that should be addressed first. It’s one of those obvious things that’s hard to ignore.

There are many different opinions on what an entire reversed tarot spread means, but generally speaking I think it represents suppressed or internalized energies.

Reversals work differently for different cards, and differently for the same card when it appears in different spread placements.

The interpretation depends on what the overall reading is about. For example if we’re seeking guidance about a question which involves a lot of feelings or personal issues, I would immediately see all those reversed cards and think: This is an issue that’s got a lot of subconscious, internalized energy surrounding it. Everything we’re discussing here is pretty deep and concealed beneath the surface. 

On the other hand, if we were asking a question about “advancement at work” and I saw a whole series of inverted tarot cards I would immediately think: There’s major oppressive force, or an entire array of restrictive forces at work here. 

In other words, there’s no uniform answer that we can apply in all cases.

Not all card reversals mean the same thing. Reversals work differently for different cards, and differently for the same card when it appears in different spread placements. Likewise, there’s no consistent interpretation one can when every tarot card is reversed, that’s going to be true in every case.

Part of being a good tarot reader is thinking hard about the question, and understanding how the cards in this case relate specifically to that question.  We can draw some broad strokes when we see a slew of reversed cards, but that’s just a cursory analysis. We still need to dive deep into the meanings of each tarot card, and each position in the tarot spread.

If you’re starting to see this pattern of lots and lots of reversals consistently, it can also mean it’s time to give your deck a rest. It might sound crazy, but every tarot reader has seen it happen: Tarot decks do get tired.  Maybe it’s time to try another deck for a little while and see how it goes?


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