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Are Tarot Reading Apps Accurate? Here’s the Inside Scoop

are tarot apps accurate

Short Answer

Apps which analyze your cards for you and give you a single "fortune" are not likely to be accurate. On the other hand, apps which let the user read their own cards and apply their own insights can be as accurate as real tarot cards.

A question I hear a lot is, “Are tarot reading apps accurate“?

The trouble with this question is that there are a few different kinds of tarot apps.  It’s an apples and oranges thing.

We’ll cover the different kinds of tarot apps here and show you how the practice of tarot reading can be the same in an app or in an online tarot reading, … but there are plenty of occasions where apps do fall flat.

There are different kinds of tarot apps

So are tarot apps accurate? The first question is: Are we talking about apps which actually do the reading for you?

Many tarot apps attempt to take all the insight and intuition at the core of a tarot reading, and replace it with ones and zeros.

These apps attempt to spit out a single, distilled “fortune result” based on your pick of cards. Needless to say these apps can’t see the nuances in the cards, the synergies between cards or the ways in which cards relate to you specifically. Nor can they feel an intuitive pull, the way people can.

But those aren’t even the worst apps…

An even sillier type of app are the ones that ask users to select from a limited choice of just a few cards. I’m not even sure what the point of that is. If you’re not drawing from a full 78 card deck, it’s just not Tarot.

I’m going to be frank: These types of apps don’t work. They can’t work.


So what kinds of tarot apps and online tarot readings are accurate?

What can work are tarot readings that get you, the user, to read the cards for yourself.  Tarot reading apps like the one here on iFate.com don’t actually do anything that a set of tarot cards doesn’t do. We provide you with dozens of tarot spreads, a virtual deck of tarot cards, and some of the best tarot reference materials on the web.

But we don’t do the reading for you.

We provide you with dozens of tarot spreads, a virtual deck of tarot cards, and some of the best tarot reference materials …

You do the reading. The interpretations, the insights, the introspection — that’s all you.

Of course, your next question is probably: But how accurate am I?

That I can’t tell you. But what I can tell you is that there are enough tools and materials here on iFate.com to learn how to read tarot cards to a level of mastery. All it takes is practice.

And it’s free.


Don’t I need to actually touch the tarot cards though?

Many tarot readers feel that the tactile feel of their tarot decks is an important part of the tarot experience. If that’s you, then I encourage you to use a real deck of tarot cards and not an online reading. Or, use the online readings in conjunction with your dead-tree real cards.  Or use online readings when you’re on-the-go (or at work, shh), and real cards when you’re home.

There’s no right or wrong answer here. There’s only what you prefer and what works best in any given situation.







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