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Biorhythms for Gambling: Can They Help You Win?

biorhythms and gambling

Short Answer

There's no single biorhythm cycle that measures luck at the tables. However most players who check biorhythms before hitting the casino look for their emotional and intellectual cycles to be above zero.

Gamblers are known for their superstitions. Some have lucky shirts. Others have lucky colors, lucky pop songs, lucky days, lucky times of day, and even lucky drinks. Since ancient times, gamblers have turned to superstitions and oracles to give them an edge at the tables.

So it should come as no surprise that many gamblers believe in checking their biorhythms to find the best days to hit the casino or play online poker. (Or the best days to stay home and watch a movie instead).

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Biorhythms and luck

As you may already know, biorhythms track three internal biological cycles. These cycles start the day we are born, and end the day we die. These 3 biorhythm cycles are:

  • The physical cycle
  • The emotional cycle
  • The intellectual cycle

The physical cycle measures the ups and downs of our physical health. On days when our physical cycles are at their highest, we’re at peak physical fitness. When they’re at their lowest we’re often just glorified blobs of flesh.

The emotional cycle measures the ups and downs of our emotions — and more importantly how much emotional control we have.  (This is important for gambling. We’ll get to this in a minute).

Lastly, the intellectual cycle measures the up and down cycle of mental sharpness and our ability to reason. On days when intellectual cycles are at their high point we often feel sharp as a tack. On on days when our cycles bottom-out, a “brain fog” might seem to hang over us.

Generally speaking, a “good” biorhythm-day means a day when one of the biorhythm cycles is above zero. A “bad” day means a day when a biorhythm cycle is below zero.

Looking at the three types of cycles above, you’ll notice none of them are called the “luck cycle” or the “gambling cycle“. The truth is, there’s no single cycle that’s a “biorhythm for luck”.

If only it were that simple. So how do gamblers use biorhythms before stepping up to the slot machines or sitting down to play poker?

The answer comes down to what “luck” really is. Luck, as it turns out is one of those things we all know when we’re experiencing it, but it’s also very hard to put your finger on. Some call it “feeling lucky”. Other’s call it “being in the zone”.

For biorhythm lovers, it’s a special confluence of energies, and a synergy of cycles. When we have it, we know it. And when we don’t have it, it’s arguably more important to know it.

So what’s the formula?

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How do gamblers use biorhythms for gambling

The truth is, there’s not just one way to use biorhythms for gambling. Which cycles players track depends on the type of game they’re playing. You’ll need to make the determination of which cycles are important to your particular game of choice.

Generally speaking, all gambling requires control of emotional and intellectual cycles. If you want a short answer to this question, then simply pay attention to your emotional and intellectual cycles and look for days on which they’re both in positive territory.

But really, it’s a bit more complicated than that:

Biorhythm cycles and gambling at casinos

Emotions, as any gambler knows, are important to keep in check. It’s easy to get so excited (or upset) that you act irrationally. Having an above-zero emotional biorhythm cycle may indicate a higher ability to control one’s emotions, and make better calculated gambling decisions.  As the pros know, there’s a big difference between “gut instinct” and emotional irrationality.

For simple games like slots, some biorhythm followers say the emotional cycle is really all you need to be aware of. But for more complex games, intellect comes into play:

Every gambler also knows that staying sharp can be vitally important. This is particularly true in card games where you need to be thinking logically and rationally. If you’re a poker player or a blackjack player you’re going to want to be aware of days when both your intellectual and emotional biorhythm cycles are above zero.

Does your physical biorhythm matter for gambling?

So what about physical biorhythm cycles and gambling?

For the most part, gambling isn’t a very physical activity (especially in the case of online poker, which doesn’t even require leaving your seat) but there is one exception: Dice games. If you’re rolling dice, your physical cycle could be very important.

Thinking about stepping up to the craps table? In that case, you may want to look for days when all three  of your cycles are above zero. Needless to say, those days are less frequent, so most craps players are happy if 2 out of 3 of their cycles are positive.

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What if my biorhythm cycles are low? Should I gamble?

It’s not anyone’s place to tell you when a good day or a bad day to gamble is. The decision to test the hand of fate is each of ours alone.

The point of checking your biorhythm cycles before gambling is to know yourself before stepping up to the plate, so to speak. If it looks like you’re going to be disadvantaged on a particular day, isn’t that something you’d like to know beforehand?

Likewise, if a gambler knows that say, his or her intellectual biorhythms are high, but physical biorhythms are low — then they may decide it’s a good day for card games like blackjack or online poker, but a bad day for rolling the dice in person.

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NOTE: Gambling is an activity which involves financial risk. Nothing in this article or elsewhere on this website constitutes advice or gambling advice.

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