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Can I Use a Nickname On a Numerology Report?

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Short Answer

The decision to use a nickname or a short-name in a numerology report depends on how widely and frequently you use this second name. The more you use your alternate name, or the more your are publicly associated with it — the greater effect it will have on you numerologically.

Our first and last names are vital parts of a numerology reading. When we generate a numerology report, the numerologist will use a process called “numerological reduction” to convert our name into a number. That reduced number can have a profound influence on the overall direction and interpretation of a numerology reading. It can influence our love-life and dating success. It can also influence our career and financial potential — so it’s important to start out with the correct information.

But, what information we decide to use can be confusing for those of us who go by more than one name.

Nicknames and numerology

The question is, can you use a nickname for your numerology reading?

The answer is: It’s complicated.

For some of us, our nicknames really are our names. Our “real” names, or “full” names really never get used. If you’re one of those people whose nickname has fully replaced your full name in just about every aspect of your life, then obviously your nickname is going to have more of a noticeable effect on your life.

But if your nickname is just a playful thing that gets used occasionally, or by a few very close friends, then it’s not likely to have nearly as much of an effect, from a numerological perspective.

The question of whether or not you can use your nickname in a numerology report can be tough to answer for anyone who uses both a nickname and their real name interchangeably.

If you truly use both names somewhat equally, then it can be a good idea to do a numerology report for both name spellings, and see which report seems to “fit” you better. For some of us, both spellings will have some level of influence on our lives.

Short names and numerology

Another question that comes up often is whether or not an abbreviated name or a short-name can be used on a numerology report. If your name is “Elizabeth”, can you use “Liz”? If your name is “Robert”, can you use “Bob”? Etc.

The answer is similar to the one above: Do you use your shortened name most of the time? Do you use your shortened name professionally? How about on social media or on dating websites?

The answer really depends on whether or not you identify as your short name. Is your short name you? If so, it’s likely to have a far greater effect on you from a numerology standpoint than your long name or unabbreviated name.

Run two numerology reports

The bottom line is: Numerology is a study of influences. We are all influenced by countless vibrations that come at us from every angle. For most people who go by just one name, the influence of our name may be simple and straightforward.

For those of us who have nicknames or shortened-names, our influences may be more complex and multifaceted.

If you’re one of the latter group, it’s always a good idea to run a second numerology report and compare the results. You may be surprised.


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