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Can Tarot Cards Predict Pregnancy?

Can tarot predict pregnancy?

Short Answer

Pregnancy is a common tarot question. There aren't any specific "pregnancy" cards in the tarot deck, but there are a few cards that strongly point in the direction of "Yes" answers when it comes to future pregnancies.

The question “Can tarot cards predict pregnancy in the future” isn’t the most common question professional tarot readers hear, but it’s certainly a question that comes up quite often.

The thing is, there’s no single card that directly represents “pregnancy” in the standard deck of 78 tarot cards, but there are a handful of cards that make pretty good “Yes” indicators for questions about future pregnancy.

As with questions about love, romance, relationships and dating, tarot cards give us subtle hints and clues rather than direct answers.

NOTE: Mandatory legal notice: As with everything else here on iFate — Nothing here represents medical advice. If you need advice regarding pregnancy or any other health related issue, please consult with a medical professional.

Here are the cards that best predict future pregnancies,  in reverse order:

7 Tarot cards that predict pregnancy

7. The Six of Cups and Pregnancy

cu06The 6 of Cups card is strongly associated with children. It’s the picture of childhood innocence and playfulness.  On the simplest level, the 6 of Cups represents happiness — but it’s a special kind of happiness that makes it such a good indicator of pregnancy: The 6 of Cups represents a simple, wholesome happiness that both children and mothers understand.

Of course, the fact that the two innocent children are the central focus of the card, make the 6 of Cups resonate with the concepts of children and true love.

Also, keep in mind that the Suit of Cups is strongly associated with the primary element of water and all things feminine.

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6. The Page of Cups and Pregnancy

cupaIt may be a silly image, but this happy card representing creative potential, new ideas and new directions makes an excellent indicator of new pregnancies.

Yes, the symbolism is completely ridiculous, but still, one can’t help notice that there’s a little creature springing from the cup of creativity. It might not be anyone’s first choice as far as symbolism goes, but it’s not something one can ignore either.

As part of the Suit of Cups, the Page, despite his apparent gender is strongly associated with the primary element of water and endowed with a strong female energy.


5. The Three of Cups and Pregnancy

cu03The 3 of Cups card is one of those cards that every woman feels innately. It speaks to us.

What’s pictured isn’t just a celebration. It’s a distinctly female celebration shared between besties.  It’s an expression of friendship, love, bonding and happiness for one another.  It could be a reunion of old friends, but it could just as easily be a baby shower.

Again, the Suit of Cups is strongly associated with the primary alchemical element of water and all things feminine.



4. The Ace of Wands and Pregnancy

waacThe Ace of Wands is a powerful symbol of male virility, creation and potency. It’s a symbol that cannot be ignored when it comes to questions of pregnancy.

The Ace of Wands artwork in the Rider Waite deck is notable because it sprouts new, baby leaves on all sides — suggesting fertility and new growth.

More than just a symbol of new energy, new beginnings and new life — some might even take the Ace of Wands as a hint at a baby boy?




3. The Ace of Cups and Pregnancy

cuacThe Ace of Cups is the female mirror-card to the Ace of Wands. This is the quintessential card of feminine creation. As part of the Suit of Cups, the card is bursting with feminine energy. The cup overflows like a wellspring of creative spirit, love and the birth of new life.

Also, keep in mind that the Ace of Cups is not just the first card of the Suit of Cups, it’s much more than that: It’s the start of the entire tarot cycle, or the birth of an entire journey. What better metaphor for new human life is there?

And because we’re talking about “feminine creation”, could this be a hint at a baby girl?


2. The Sun Card and Pregnancy

The Sun tarot card and pregnancyThe Sun tarot card which prominently features a naked baby is a strong positive indicator for pregnancy questions.

In the natural world, the Sun is the source of all life. It nourishes us, feeds us and keeps us warm.  Likewise, the simplest meaning of The Sun tarot card is “Life”, and what better one-word answer to pregnancy questions can there possibly be?

It’s notable that the child pictured on the Rider Waite Sun tarot card is gender-ambiguous. So while the card is a strong indicator of pregnancies, it doesn’t offer any clues as to whether a boy or a girl is expected.


1. The Empress Card and Pregnancy

Empress tarot cardIf you’re looking for a sign pointing to a possible pregnancy, The Empress card is the clear winner of the tarot deck.

The simplest meaning of the Empress tarot card is “Motherhood”.  She is Mother Earth, the wellspring of all life and life-energy.

There’s also a numerological symbolism in the Roman numeral III up top. As in: 2 partners plus 1 child.

The visual symbolism is also notable: The stone at her feet bears the symbol for femininity, but the circle part of the symbol is notably full. The Empress’ gown is loose fitting like a maternity dress. Natural life springs-up all around her, and the primary element of water is seen on the lower right.

If there’s one card that says “a child is on the way”, it’s the Empress.



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