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Can you use any tarot spread for dating and relationship questions?

tarot love and relationship questions

Short Answer

You can use any tarot spread you want, for any question you want — but some special "Love Tarot" spreads may yield more specific, or easier to interpret answers. If you have questions about romance, you might find it easier to use a tarot spread which is specifically designed for love, dating and relationship questions.

Anyone who spends time exploring different tarot spreads will quickly discover that among the hundreds of traditional tarot spreads out there, there are also dozens of dedicated “love-tarot spreads“.

So do you have to use a special “love tarot spread”? Or is it okay to use general tarot spreads for relationship questions?

You don’t have to use a special spread for questions about love and dating. It’s very common to use general, all-purpose tarot spreads for questions about romantic relationships. But using a dedicated love tarot spread might make things a bit easier.

there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using general tarot spreads for questions about love

Many tarot readers will use general tarot spreads like “Past, Present and Future“, “Situation, Action, Outcome” or other 3-card tarot spreads to ask about their relationships. While these spreads are all-purpose and not specifically targeted to relationship questions, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using general tarot spreads for questions about love. Just keep in mind that the card positions relate specifically to your relationship if you’re using these spreads for romantic insight.

For example, you’re using a Past, Present and Future spread — just remember, that the “past” card refers not to your general past, but specifically to the “past “of your relationship, or the “past” of a particular relationship issue.

Use any tarot spread for questions about dating or relationships

Tarot is extremely flexible in the ways you can use it, so don’t let anyone tell you that there are particular spreads that “should” be used for specific purposes. Use any spread you want, for any purpose. The idea is to explore, and to develop a canon of readings that works for you.

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A dedicated love tarot spread, might work better for your situation

That being said, many tarot readers enjoy the structure of a dedicated, “purpose built” tarot reading. Love tarot spreads which are specially designed for questions of the heart can help you explore your relationship in deeper and more specific ways. For example the Soulmate tarot spread is a favorite for exploring the how, when and where of meeting your future Soulmate. The Current Relationship tarot spread is a favorite for those currently involved in a relationship and looking for answers about the dynamics and emotions at work between their partners and themselves.

There’s no right or wrong spread to use for any specific questions, but there are spreads which might yield better answers for you. If you’re new to tarot, the best approach is to try them all, and see which tarot spreads are a good fit for you, and the specific way you read the cards.

Good luck!


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