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Is Aquarius a Water Sign?

is Aquarius a water sign?

Short Answer

Aquarius is not a water sign. Despite having the word "Aqua" in the name, and being the "water bearer" of the zodiac, Aquarius is actually an air sign.

“Aquarius is a water sign right?”. It’s a common misconception. Anyone trying to figure it out what type of sign Aquarius is, wouldn’t be blamed for assuming it’s a water sign.

Here’s why it’s confusing:

  • “Aquarius” starts with “Aqua“,
  • The sign represents a “water bearer
  • Aquarius pictured pouring and endless stream of water out of an earthen jug

But, despite all those references to water, Aquarius is an air sign.

So what’s with all the water then?

Why is Aquarius an air sign?

First, keep in mind that the air, or sky is a natural source of water. So in natural terms, the “bearer of water” is indeed the air. Even on a logical level, that makes some sense.

All air signs represent ideas, concepts, information and thinking

But the real reason Aquarius is an air sign is:  All air signs represent ideas, concepts, information and thinking.  More than anything else, Aquarians are known as being intelligent, progressive thinkers. They are comfortable in the world of ideas and in pushing and flexing those ideas to their natural limits.

That’s not to say that the idea of “water” isn’t important to Aquarius.  Water, in its symbolic sense is very much part of Aquarius’ image. In the world of astrology, water represents emotion, fluidity, flexibility and subconscious.

Aquarius may be an air sign, but it is the sign that “controls the flow” of emotion and subconscious. Aquarius bridges the worlds of air and water — in much the same way that the The Star card does.


Keep in mind that your Sun sign is just one part of your astrological identity. To truly understand your astrological profile, only a full birth chart analysis tells the full story.

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