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Is it easy to learn tarot cards?

is it easy to learn tarot

Short Answer

Learning tarot cards is easy. Mastering tarot cards is difficult. The good news is that with some good reference materials, you can start reading tarot cards on your first day. Over time, your readings will become faster, deeper and more accurate.

One of the first questions that every prospective tarot student asks is: Is it easy to learn tarot cards?

The good news is that getting started is actually extremely easy. You can give yourself and others enjoyable, fulfilling tarot card readings in just a few days of study.  On the other hand, mastering tarot cards is something you can spend a lifetime learning.

… no tarot reader ever stops learning about the cards. There’s no final destination to get to. It’s all a process.

The thing to keep in mind is that learning tarot is a fun process. In a sense, no tarot reader ever stops learning about the cards. There’s no final destination to get to. It’s all a process.

We’re also living in an age where knowledge is free. There’s no cost to learn about tarot. It’s something you can start right now.

You can learn the meaning of every tarot card online for free.  You can learn dozens of easy-to-learn and useful tarot spreads for free. And you can even do tarot readings online for free without even owning your own deck of tarot cards.


How to start learning tarot cards

An easy place to start is to start asking simple Yes or No questions. A Yes or No tarot reading uses just 1 tarot card, which makes them an easy way to learn. My advice is to “go deep” into every card that you draw. Don’t just read the “Yes” or “No” answer, but read the entire meaning of the card.

Take it slow. Look carefully at the images and understand how those images relate to the written meaning of the card.

Asking simple yes/no questions can make a great framework for starting out on your tarot adventure.


Do I need to memorize tarot cards?

Many students feel the task of memorizing all 78 tarot cards (not to mention their reversed positions) is too difficult. Keep in mind that it’s perfectly permissible to read tarot cards along with reference materials (like iFate) while you’re learning.

Many users will start by placing a card down on the table, and keeping their laptop or phone with them to look up the meanings. This is a great way to learn because memorization will come slowly and naturally over time.

Don’t forget to study the artwork of each card. Once you understand the meaning of the tarot illustrations, memorizing the written meanings becomes much easier.


Do I need to learn reversed tarot cards?

Tarot card reversals (which simply mean, the card is drawn in an upside-down position) are a fascinating dimension of tarot reading, but if you’re just starting out, you can skip the reversed meanings and just read every card in its upright position.

Once you have a basic understanding of all 78 tarot cards, you can move on to understanding the meaning of reversed tarot cards.


Does it matter which tarot deck I start with?

You can learn tarot with any deck of tarot cards you like, as long as it’s a true tarot card deck and not an oracle deck. Tarot card decks consist of 78 cards, have 4 tarot suits and a 22 card Major Arcana.

Most tarot readers recommend starting with the Rider Waite tarot deck because it uses symbolism which nearly all other decks make reference to in one way or another.

If you do decide to start with another deck, you can use the “tarot meanings” section of this site to reference the classic tarot imagery as you learn.



Tarot cards are easy to learn but take a lifetime to master. The better question is: How long will take me to be able to read tarot cards? The reality is, you can start reading nearly right away. Start by asking a simple question.

…Then draw a single card.

…Then look up its meaning.

Now you’re reading tarot cards.

The only difference between now and a year from now is that in a year you’ll be better, faster and more adept at understanding larger tarot spreads. Good luck, and enjoy.


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