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Should You Use a Married Name or a Birth Name on a Numerology Report?

Should you use your married name in numerology?

Short Answer

In general, you would use your birth-name in a numerology report. But there are exceptions to the rule and there are circumstances where it can be beneficial to generate numerology reports for both birth and married names.

A common question for readers to send us is:  “Which name should I use on a numerology report? My married name or my birth name?

First and last names are both extremely important in numerology because the numbers associated with the letters in our name are indicative of our personality and our abilities — and are used to calculate our important Destiny number.

NOTE: The “Destiny Number” is calculated using the process of numerological reduction on our first and last names. The Destiny Number represents your core natural abilities and influences your career choices and your personal growth.

Of course, in the modern era our names are mutable things. Those traits and attributes on our numerology reports may differ depending on which name we use.

So which name matters more? Our birth name or our married name?

The simple answer is: In most situations, use your birth name on your numerology report.

If you’re wondering why, keep reading:

Why you should use your birth name on your numerology report

Your birth name is the name which is given to you at the start of your life. According to traditional numerology, it’s the initial assignment of our names which impart energies and sets up numerological vibrations which affect you for the rest of your life.

The other reason to use your birth name is that in most cases, it’s the name you use throughout your formative years — when your personality and your self-identity is formed. The general rule in numerology is that the earlier name has a greater influence on who we are. It was the name that we had when our personalities and our self-identity was formed.

But there are some exceptions:


When to use your married name on your numerology report

There are times however, when using your married name on a numerology report may yield useful information.

If, for example, a numerologist is searching for clues as to how a marriage may have influenced someone or changed their destiny, then understanding the differences between a report based on their birth name and a report based on their married name may be useful.


What about names that change in childhood?

A much less common, but interesting scenario occurs when a child’s last name is changed due to adoption or the remarriage of the child’s mother.  For example, if at the age of 3, a child’s mother remarries and takes the name of her new husband — giving the new father’s name to the child.

In other rare cases, children may be orphaned at a young age. These children may be adopted and in some cases, take new last names.

Which name should be used for the numerology report?

In these cases, a case can be made that the new name may have a high relevance, as the child’s identity and personality are still not yet formed.

In these types of complex cases, two numerology reports are often drawn up — and the differences between the two may illustrate inner-conflicts and interesting personality traits.

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