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What’s the Tarot Card for Gemini?

what tarot card is gemini

Short Answer

The Major Arcana card most commonly associated with the zodiac sign of Gemini is The Lovers. However, there are also 4 Minor Arcana cards commonly associated with the sign of Gemini. They are the 8, 9, 10 and Knight of Pentacles.

“What tarot card is Gemini?” is a common question for Geminis to ask when they first start learning tarot.

The answer isn’t just one card as many might expect. In fact, there are five different cards that are widely associated with the zodiac sign Gemini. Of the 5 cards associated with Gemini, only one of them is a Major Arcana tarot card — so if you had to pick just one, the Major Arcana card would likely be the place to start.

The tarot card that represents Gemini

ar06The Major Arcana tarot card that best represents the zodiac sign of Gemini is The Lovers.

The Lovers card has some obvious visual crossovers to the zodiac sign of Gemini, starting with the obvious image of 2 people and the well-known image of the Gemini twins.

In terms of meaning, both Gemini and The Lovers tarot card both work with the ideas of harmony, interpersonal relationships, social issues and duality.

On a negative level, Gemini can represent duplicity and an unreliable nature.  And speaking of unreliable, let’s not forget what happened to Eve.

Minor Arcana tarot cards associated with Gemini

While The Lovers card is the sole Major Arcana / Gemini association, there are also 4 Minor Arcana tarot cards which are connect with Gemini.

Minor Arcana cards commonly associated with Gemini are:

These 4 Minor Arcana Swords cards are linked to Gemini for two reasons:

  1. They share a primary elemental connection to Air.
  2. They share a mutable astrological modality.

Mutable astrological modalities tend to be harmonious and social. To read more about how astrological modality and primary elements connect the fields of astrology and tarot, there’s much more in our article covering the links between astrology and tarot cards.


Why learn which tarot cards represent Gemini?

For most students of tarot, astrology remains a separate and distinct field of study. And while it’s possible to study both astrology and tarot, and never combine the two skills, combining them can yield very deep and powerful results.

When you’re able to associate cards with their astrological properties, like specific months, zodiac signs, specific people or primary elements, the results can be deeper and more accurate.

Now that you understand the astrology / tarot link between Gemini and The Lovers, try applying that knowledge in your next online tarot reading.

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