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Tarot Pronunciation: What’s the Right Way to Say “Tarot”?

tarot pronunciation

Tarot pronunciation differs somewhat depending on where you’re from. The most common American-English pronunciation of the word “tarot” is “ta-row” which rhymes with “arrow” or teh-row” with a more oblique A vowel sound. Both have an emphasis on the first syllable.

Alternative tarot pronunciation

Other common pronunciations of “tarot” include the British-English pronunciation which is “tah-row” — also with the emphasis on the first syllable.

How not to pronounce tarot

Among Europeans it is common to hear the word tarot pronounced with an emphasis on the second syllable, as that pronunciation more closely resembles the French pronunciation. Likewise, an emphasis on the second syllable also more closely resembles the Italian word “tarocchi”. However, pronouncing “tarot” with an emphasis on the second syllable is generally considered to be incorrect in both American and British English.

Another often-heard mispronunciations of the word “tarot” includes a long A vowel sound (tay-row). Pronouncing “tarot” with a long-A vowel sound  is considered to be incorrect.

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