The Number 8 in Numerology: All Meanings Explained

Numerology number 8

Single-digit numbers like the number 8 are some of the most important in the world of numerology. According to numerologists, single-digit numbers are the purest elemental building-blocks which comprise all things.  Everything we see, touch, taste, feel and interact with is composed of these single digit numbers, at a root level. By understanding the meaning of each single-digit number like the number 8, we can better understand the meanings behind each person, place or thing we come into contact with.

What’s the meaning of the number 8 in numerology?

Often regarded as a “lucky” number because of its frequent association with business success and good-fortune in matters of money…

The number 8 is bursting with the concepts of success, confidence, inner power and personal ambition.  This strident number commands respect, and is clear about its goals. Often regarded as a “lucky” number because of its frequent association with business success and good-fortune in matters of money, the number 8 is highly regarded by many cultures around the world.

In addition to its ambitious, leadership qualities, the number 8 is also seen as a number of supreme balance and stability. As its symmetrical shape suggests, the number 8 represents poise and evenhandedness.  Its presence also adds balance and stability to any situation, and to any number which reduces to the number 8 by the process of numerological reduction.

Some examples of higher numbers which reduce to the number 8 are 494, 5714 and 7631. While higher numbers like these share the same base number 8, they also take some additional meaning from their other digits.

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Traits of the number 8 in numerology

  1. Ambitious:  The number 8 never stops in its quest to meet new goals. It sets its sights high, and then works tirelessly to achieve its vision. When the number 8 appears, it’s typically a sign that the concepts of success, achievement, competition and grand ambition are at work. When related to a business, the number 8 also represents expansion and growth.
  2. Enduring: A key property of the number 8 is its ability to weather any storm. While the number is principally known as a number of success, it is also known for its ability to deal with hardship when times are tough. A key element of all successful people, businesses and concepts is their ability to survive any storm, until the Spring-time has arrived and growth is possible.
  3. Understanding: Aside from its often-discussed “type A” personality traits, the number 8 is also known for it’s deep insight and understanding. True success, and true ambition are only possible when one has taken the time to understand the world. The number 8’s ability to understand others is an important key to its ability to achieve.
  4. Balance: As a highly symmetrical number, the number 8 is the picture of perfect balance.  This balance is an important part of its ability to endure hardship and to succeed in any environment. Like a well constructed boat, its perfectly balanced, even keel can weather harsh storms and stay on course in treacherous waters.


Weaknesses of the number 8 in numerology

  1. Materialistic: While the number 8 most often represents success, it has always been true that success can lead to an over-reliance  on wealth and material things. The number 8 can at times lead to materialism and ostentatious behavior.
  2. Overly dominant:  Success and ambition are both commendable traits in a number, but the number 8 can on occasion take it a bit too far. Sometimes the number 8 can come off as domineering and even uncaring as it focuses on its goals. The number 8 can occasionally represent an overbearing personality which limits energies around it.
  3. Superficial: When relentlessly pursuing success and personal ambition, it’s important to stay aware of the deeper meaning of life and the universe as a whole. The successful number 8 can sometimes come with a tendency to forget the big picture, and focus on the superficial.
  4. Self-centered: A focus on success is great, but it’s important to share that success with others. The most successful forces in the world tend to be surrounded by other successes. The number 8 can occasionally represent a singularly entitled, spoiled or self-centered approach which ultimately harms its overall success.

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