These Are The Top “Psychic Toys” of All Time

magic 8 ball toy

Psychic children’s toys are a perennial favorite.

While some would dismiss these simple divination gadgets as gimmicks, the bottom-line from a business perspective isn’t quite as easily dismissed: The following three toys have sold tens of millions of units worldwide, and have remained annual favorites for decades.

The top 3, all-time favorite “psychic toys” for kids:


#3: The Magic “Fortune Teller” Fish

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More of a party-favor or a gift-bag item for kids’ events, the Magic Fish (or “Fortune Teller Fish”) is a beloved piece of childhood memorabilia. The simple red cellophane fish curls up when placed in the palm of your hand, and reveals the deepest secrets of your soul. Or … at least one of the following insights:

  • Moving head: Jealousy
  • Moving tail: Indifference
  • Moving head and tail: In love
  • Curling sides: Fickle
  • Turns over: False
  • Motionless: Boring
  • Curls up entirely: Passionate

If you’re looking for a simple, fun gag item to throw in a Christmas stocking, swag bag or give to Trick Or Treaters the psychic Magic Fish is a decades old favorite.

You can get 140 of them (yes, 140 of them) for around 10 bucks.


#2 The Ouija Board

ouija game


To say that the Ouija board became a cultural phenomenon when it was first released would be an understatement.

Invented in the 1890’s, the wildly popular “game” has sold tens of millions of units over the years.  So many units in fact, that by the late 1960’s the Ouija board came close to outselling Hasbro’s A-list game “Monopoly”.

For most of us, Parker Brothers’ Ouija board was somewhere between a childhood gimmick and the toy that got us privately thinking “What if this stuff is actually possible?

Now over 130 years old, the Ouija board has spawned countless imitators and still finds itself on multiple bestseller lists.  The original version from Parker Brothers is available here.



#1 The Magic 8 Ball

Magic 8 Ball box

As well being a one of our own favorite online apps here on iFate, the Magic 8 Ball is probably the most famous psychic toy of all time.

Manufactured by Mattel Inc, the toy has passed through the hands of multiple manufacturers since its first predecessor appeared in the 1940’s. A staple of every American’s childhood, the Magic 8 Ball is still going strong today with over 1 million units sold annually.

While the packaging has changed significantly over the years, the toy itself is remarkably similar to its early versions — right down to the same 20 canned answers.

For originalists, purists and history buffs, Mattel is currently celebrating the toy’s 75th anniversary by re-releasing the Magic 8-Ball in it’s original packaging.

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