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What Are the Secondary Biorhythm Cycles?

secondary biorhythm cycles

Short Answer

The secondary biorhythm cycles are the passion cycle, the mastery cycle and the wisdom cycle. Each secondary cycle is calculated using the mathematical average of two different primary biorhythm cycles.

Most people are familiar with Biorhythms, and the three primary biorhythm cycles. The three primary cycles are the physical cycle, emotional cycle and the intellectual cycle.  If you’re not familiar with the first 3 basic cycles, check out this first post which does a deeper dive into the 3 primary cycles.

Now that you’ve got the first 3 cycles down, it’s time to explore the incredible power of the secondary cycles:

The secondary biorhythm cycles

  1. The Passion Cycle: The passion biorhythm cycle measures physical sexuality and performance.
  2. The Wisdom Cycle: The wisdom biorhythm measures your ability to apply learned experience, and your understanding of how people behave.
  3. The Mastery Cycle: The mastery biorhythm measures competitive athletic performance and your ability to perform physically under pressure.

The interesting thing about our secondary biorhythm cycles is the secondary biorhythm cycles are actually combinations of our primary cycles.  You can think of the primary cycles like ‘primary building blocks’. The secondary cycles as buildings constructed out of those blocks.

Here’s how that works:

How secondary biorhythm cycles are made

  1. The Passion Cycle is a combination of the primary emotional biorhythm cycle and the primary physical biorhythm cycle.
  2. The Wisdom Cycle is a combination of the primary emotional biorhythm cycle and the primary intellectual biorhythm cycle.
  3. The Mastery Cycle is a combination of the primary physical biorhythm cycle and the primary intellectual biorhythm cycle.


The table below shows all the possible combinations:

Secondary Cycle =  First Component Cycle + Second Component Cycle
Passion Cycle = Emotional Cycle + Physical Cycle
Wisdom Cycle = Emotional Cycle + Intellectual Cycle
Mastery Cycle = Physical Cycle + Intellectual Cycle


As you can see, that means our secondary biorhythm cycles are deeply dependent on our primary cycles.

For example:

If your primary emotional and physical biorhythms are both at their low part of their cycle, then your passion cycle is by definition, also going to be very low.

Likewise, if your primary physical and intellectual biorhythms are both peaking, then your mastery cycle and athletic ability are going to be at their maximum.


Observations on the secondary cycles

Secondary biorhythms are subtle

One of the first things you’ll probably notice when reading your own biorhythms is that the secondary cycles seem more subdued. They seldom reach the same high-points or low-points that the primary cycles reach.

This seemingly less impressive performance is because the secondary cycles are mathematical averages of two other cycles.  It’s actually quite rare for two primary biorhythm cycles to both be peaking at exactly the same moment. As a result, even if one component of a secondary cycle is peaking, it’s likely to be suppressed somewhat by its second component.

It’s important to understand this when reading your own biorhythm chart because it’s common for people to read their passion charts (for example) and think, “Why do these cycles look so boring?”

Don’t worry, that’s how all secondary charts look: The changes in secondary biorhythms are always more subtle.


Secondary biorhythms are more specific

Another thing to note about secondary biorhythm cycles is that they’re more specific.  For example: It’s often hard to understand what the “physical cycle” actually means. Does it mean health? Does it mean strength? Does it mean you’re just not sick?

The “mastery cycle” on the other hand is much more specific: This is a combination of intellect and physicality — in other words a perfect marker for athletics and strategic physical sports.  (It’s also a good marker for military combat, but that’s a less likely occurrence in our everyday lives.)

So while many people like to read the primary cycles because they’re easier to get one’s brain around — keep in mind that the secondary cycles are actually giving you far better insight into very specific things like physical sexuality or EQ, the ability to understand the emotional state of others.


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