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What Is an Empath?

What is an empath?

Short Answer

An empath is a type of psychic who is highly sensitive to emotional energy.  They can read the emotions and feelings of both individuals and groups.

Psychic abilities come in many different “flavors”. There are dozens of terms used to describe psychic skills and specific niche abilities. One of the more common categories used by psychics to describe their abilities is: “Empath“.

What exactly are empaths?

Simply put, an empath is a type of psychic who excels at reading emotional energy.  They can detect stress, excitement, sadness, joy, malicious intent, contentment, emotional concealment, and hundreds of other emotional states.

The ability of a true empath goes far, far beyond garden-variety empathy or “E.Q.”. These rare and deeply sensitive individuals absorb energies and detect feelings that would otherwise be invisible or undetectable to the rest of us. A talented empath can even read the emotions in a room or a house — or of a person who is miles away.

NOTE: It’s important to note that empaths often don’t perceive ‘words’ or specific intents. Empaths typically pick up raw emotions and feelings. While many empaths are also clairvoyant and clairaudient, those skills are different from the abilities of a pure empath.

Are all empaths professional psychics?

Not all empaths work as psychics — although many do. Some empaths work as therapists, counselors, healers or do social work.   In nearly any profession, a true empath can have advantages because the ability to read emotion applies nearly everywhere.

On the other hand, many empaths have difficulties in crowded settings or living in big cities, where the cacophony of emotions and thoughts makes it hard for them to think. Empaths often have trouble isolating their own emotional-state from the emotions of those around them.

For example, empaths may find themselves devastated when walking or driving past a funeral — because they’re unable to differentiate between their own emotions and the emotional pain coming from all around them.

Extremely sensitive empaths must learn to shield themselves from emotion, and often prefer to distance themselves from society. For this reason, many empaths do prefer to work online or to offer one-on-one psychic counseling, rather than pursue more social professions.


Counseling sessions with empaths

In a one-on-one session with a psychic empath, they will use their abilities to assist with their readings and insights.

While some professional empaths will rely solely on their empathic ability during a session (often called “no tools psychics”), many empaths will also use tarot reading or some other physical method of unlocking their insight. The combination of a well-practiced tarot reading ability and the added ability to detect and read emotional states can be an extraordinarily powerful tool.

When talking to an empath, they will not only listen to your words, but read your feelings and emotions as you speak. They will gauge the fluctuations in your emotional state as you respond to questions. In many cases, a skilled empath will detect emotions that you yourself might not be fully aware of.


Can empaths read feelings of third-parties?

Skilled empaths can also pick up emotions from those who aren’t present in the reading at all — especially those of immediate family-members, lifelong friends, romantic partners or close business associates.

NOTE: While some empaths may refuse to reveal the feelings of others for ethical reasons, many empaths will — in a closed setting.

In many cases, an empath will require that you have some personal contact or relationship with the third party being read.


Can empaths read feelings of an empty room?

Yes, in some cases empaths can pick up residual emotions in rooms or on objects.  This is especially true if the emotions experienced there were extremely intense, and if they occurred recently.


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