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What’s the best tarot spread for a breakup?

Tarot spreads for breakup

Tarot spreads for a breakup

Breakups are the absolute worst. Ending relationships can fill us with self-doubt, emotional pain and stressful concerns for the future. On top of that, breakups can ruin our ability to think straight, concentrate at work or get a good night’s sleep.

For millions of people, a good tarot reading is just what the doctor ordered.  But what’s the best tarot spread for a breakup?

The answer is, it depends.

What’s the best tarot spread for dealing with breakups?

It depends on what kind of answers you’re looking for:

  • Are you soul-searching for ways to get through this painful time?
  • Are you searching for insight into your ex’s current frame of mind?
  • Or are you hoping for a little guidance from the Universe regarding your next relationship, or your dating life in general?

Here are 4 of my all-time favorite tarot spreads (and links to their respective free tarot readings) for dealing with heartbreak. Which one of these is best for you will depend on your personal circumstances and current frame of mind.

The Path Through Adversity Tarot Spread

This simple 3 card tarot spread isn’t just for breakups, but it works so very well. It’s really a framework for thinking about getting past any major bump in the road.

Simply place three cards side-by-side, like you would in a Past, Present or Future tarot spread. Except in this case, the 3 card positions are:

  1. This card represents your goals. It may represent an unrealized facet of your aspirations — or something or someone overtly or subconsciously involved in your goals.
  2. This card represents what stands in your path. It may represent a facet of your problem which needs to be recognized before you can overcome it.
  3. This card represents what you need to focus on to overcome your obstacles. It may also represent a source of assistance.

You can read more about the Path Through Adversity tarot spread here.  You can also do the Path Through Adversity reading online for free here.

Looking for more simple and easy 3-card tarot spreads? See iFate’s list of 3-card tarot spreads for more.

Does My Ex Miss Me? Tarot Spread

does my ex miss me tarot reading

It’s probably one of the oldest relationship questions in the world (and one that professional psychics hear daily): “Does my ex miss me?

There’s a reason “Does My Ex Miss Me” is a popular tarot spread for break-ups, but is it the best spread for you? Whether or not this reading is actually a good idea for you personally, is something only you can know.

Some might say that doing tarot spreads like this is just dwelling on past relationships and clinging to love that’s gone. For others though, the flame hasn’t died out — and it’s the itch that you absolutely have to scratch.  

The complete “Does My Ex Miss Me” tarot spread information is here.  You can also do the reading online for free here.



The Soulmates Tarot Spread

soulmates tarot reading


Soulmates is a 5 card tarot spread that’s all about the future. The breakup is over. It happened. It was awful. You’re single now.

It’s time to move on. It’s time really dive into dating again. Which means it’s time to ask the big questions: If your last relationship wasn’t your soulmate, then who is? And where and when does the future start.

Here’s a tarot spread that dives right in to the most important dating and relationship questions of all. You can also do the Soulmates tarot reading online for free.



Will My Ex Come Back? Tarot Spread

will my ex come back tarot reading


Here’s another spread that maybe you shouldn’t be doing.

Just like the “Does My Ex Miss Me?” tarot spread (above), doing this spread could easily get you accused of living in the past and refusing to let go. As you probably know, one of the main things that prevents people from going out on dates again and “moving on” is clinging to the memory old relationships.

With those stern words of warning out of the way, “Will my ex come back to me?” is one of the most common psychic questions in the world. The question is easily as old as romance itself  — so this popular tarot reading is certainly worthy of appearing on this list.

You can see the “Will My Ex Come Back” card layout here, or do the tarot reading online for free here.

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