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What’s the Tarot Card for Virgo?

what tarot card is Virgo?

Short Answer

The Major Arcana tarot card most commonly associated with the zodiac sign of Virgo is The Hermit. However, there are also 4 Minor Arcana cards which can be associated with the sign of Virgo. They are the 8, 9, 10 and Knight of Pentacles.

When Virgos start learning tarot reading they often ask “What tarot card is Virgo?

The answer to that question is probably more complicated than most people expect it to be. The reality is that there isn’t just one tarot card that represents Virgo. There are 5.

Making things somewhat simpler however, is the fact that only 1 of those 5 cards is a Major Arcana card. The rest are Minor Arcana.

So we’ll start with the Major card, before moving on to the Minor cards.


The tarot card that represents Virgo

ar09The tarot card that represents the zodiac sign of Virgo is the Major Arcana card, The Hermit.

To some, this might seem like an odd choice. After all, Virgo is a young female, and The Hermit is a grey haired old man.

Putting aside the gender and age differences between the two iconic figures, the conceptual connections between the two figures are actually quite strong.

Virgos are known for putting ideas, careers, and plans before all else. While they’re not uninterested in relationships, they can sometimes seem that way because their drive for personal fulfillment often takes precedence over dating and their love life.

The Hermit on the other hand, is a man who has placed the world of ideas and concepts above literally everything else in his life. Here’s a guy who’s over it.  And when I say “over it”, I mean over everything. He’s high up on a mountain, in a lofty, isolated world of his own philosophy and intellect.

It’s also pretty safe to say that the Hermit has placed his personal exploration of spirituality and intellect above dating and romance.

Most importantly, both types are not just okay being alone — they actually excel at being alone. Again, this self-prioritization isn’t a permanent state of affairs for Virgos (although it might be for the Hermit) but it does reflect a personal set of interests and goals.


Minor Arcana tarot cards associated with Virgo

In addition to the high-concept association with the Hermit card, there are also 4 Minor Arcana cards which can be associated with the sign of Virgo.

The Minor Arcana cards associated with Virgo are:

These 4 Minor Arcana Pentacles cards are linked to the sign of Virgo for two reasons:

  1. They share a primary elemental association to Earth.
  2. They share a mutable astrological modality.

Mutable astrological modalities tend to represent endings and changes. To learn more about how astrological modality and primary elements  tie the worlds of tarot and astrology together into a unified whole, see our longer article on the connection between astrology and tarot cards.


Why learn the tarot card for Virgo?

Many tarot readers overlook the philosophical and occult connections between the fields of astrology and tarot cards — and to be fair, many of very fine tarot readers choose not to connect the two schools. However, for those who take the time to learn how astrology intersects with tarot, the results can be rewarding.

Knowing which signs your tarot cards represent, and which people born under those signs may also be referenced can add a fascinating new dimension to your tarot readings.

Now that you’ve connected Virgo to 5 different cards in the tarot deck, try applying that new knowledge in a free tarot reading.

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