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Which Type of Pendulum is Best for Dowsing?

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Short Answer

The relationship between certain types of pendulum stones and the 7 chakras of the mind and body means that certain pendulums do work better for different types of questions. On the other hand, any pendulum stone which you're experienced with can render reliable and insightful readings.

Is there a best type of pendulum?

Search for pendulums for sale online, and you’ll find dozens of different styles made from crystals, wood, precious metals and glass.  But which type of pendulum is the best for pendulum dowsing?

The answer really depends on what you’re looking for. There’s no “right answer”, but there are differences between the different pendulum materials when it comes to pendulum readings. Understanding these differences can make selecting a pendulum much easier.

Different types of pendulums for different types of pendulum readings

Everyone uses their pendulum differently. Some prefer to use a pendulum mat (click here to download a printable pendulum mat) to lay flat on a surface. Others prefer to use the palms of their own hands or clients’ hands. More rarely, some readers prefer swing pendulums above natural surfaces or other parts of the body.

pendulum palm reading

Depending on where and how you dowse, different pendulum stones and materials may perform differently. Pendulums made from metallic materials — particularly partially magnetic materials, or stones associated with blood — may perform better when used in the palm of the hand. These stones include hematite, magnetite and pyrite.

Let’s walk through a few different types of pendulum stones and materials and discuss how and when they may be preferable. Keep in mind though, that these are just suggestions. Any stone or crystal you feel comfortable with is always better than one you don’t feel comfortable with.

Different types of pendulum readings

Pendulum readings for matters of the mind and spirit

For matters of the mind, a pendulum made of clear quartz or amethyst may be preferable. Clear quartz is typically associated with the “Crown chakra”, or the seventh chakra of the spirit. If your pendulum reading is seeking to understand questions of the spirit, psychic issues or the brain and nervous system, a clear quartz crystal pendulum makes an excellent choice.

Likewise, amethyst crystals are associated with clarity of thought and the sixth or third-eye chakra. Because this sixth chakra is closely bound to universal truth and wisdom, amethyst makes an excellent pendulum choice when using a pendulum to discern what is true — and what isn’t.  Pendulum readers will also often use amethyst crystal pendulums to detect true love, or to tell if someone has been unfaithful in a relationship.


Pendulum readings for finding the truth

Lapis Lazuli and Aquamarine pendants are closely associated with the fifth chakra, or the chakra of the throat. The fifth chakra is an interesting one to focus on for pendulum readings because it represents a balancing point between the higher mind and the body below.  Some pendulum readers will use lapis and aquamarine pendants for questions about physical vs. emotional attraction in a relationship. In other cases, the fifth chakra can help determine whether something is “all in your head” or based more in the physical world.

The fifth chakra is also associated with speech and clarity, lapis and aquamarine pendants can also be very useful when trying to determine if something said was true or false.

NOTE: Both the third-eye chakra and the throat chakra can be associated with the truth. Typically the throat chakra is more closely associated with spoken truth.


Pendulum readings for love and matters of the heart

Pendulums made from rose quartz, malachite, jade and green aventurine are closely associated with with the fourth chakra, or the chakra of the heart.

Using a pendulum made from a stone associated with the fourth chakra can add extra ‘zing’ to pendulum readings dealing with love and relationships. Rose quartz in particular is very useful for understanding the strength and clarity of relationships.

The fourth chakra is also commonly associated with blocked energy. If you’re doing a pendulum reading related to blocked energy, creative blocks or emotional blocks — a pendulum stone associated with the fourth chakra can add an extra layer of clarity and strength to the reading.


Pendulum readings for career and personal-transformation

Pendulums made from semi-precious stones and crystals like citrine, yellow topaz and amber can be extremely effective when it comes to pendulum readings related to the third chakra. The third chakra, also known as the chakra of the solar-plexus is closely related to self-esteem and personal drive.  Sometimes called the “chakra of warrior energy”, the third chakra is important for an understanding of career and business questions.

If you’re doing a pendulum reading about any form of personal transformation or career changes — or questions about ambition, success or work-related issues — consider using a pendulum made from citrine, yellow topaz and amber.


Pendulum readings about pregnancy or physical relationships

Pendulums made from stones like carnelian, jasper, tiger’s eye and sunstone are closely linked to the second chakra. The second chakra or “sacral chakra” is the source of physical desire, sexuality and sexual energy. It’s also closely tied to creativity, pregnancy and fertility.

If you’re doing a pendulum reading about any type of physical relationship or question related to sexuality, consider using a reddish pendulum stone like carnelian, sunstone, tiger’s eye or jasper.  Another common use of these types of pendulums is for asking questions about pregnancy.


Pendulum readings about security, stress and anxiety

Pendulums made from dark stones like hematite, bloodstone, fire agate and obsidian are closely tied to the first chakra. The first chakra or “root chakra” is where we derive our overall sense of security and inner peace.

If you’re doing a pendulum reading about stressful situations, or a situation in which someone feels threatened or challenged — consider using a darker stone like obsidian, bloodstone, hematite or a fire agate.



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