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Is It True You Can’t Bring a Magic 8 Ball on a Plane?

Can you fly with a magic 8 ball?

Short Answer

A Magic 8 Ball cannot be carried onto a plane in your carry-on bag, but you are allowed to travel with it in your checked luggage.

Want to bring your Magic 8 Ball on an airplane?

Outlook not so good.  According to the TSA the favorite black plastic toys are not permitted in the cabin, but they are permitted in your checked luggage.

If you absolutely need to consult the Cosmos with a Yes and No Question once you touch down in some tropical paradise, you’ll either have to give up some precious space in your suitcase, or settle for an online Magic 8 ball.

Why are Magic 8 Balls not allowed on planes?

In the USA, if you try to bring your trusty Magic 8 Ball onto an airplane in your carry-on luggage it will be confiscated. While we don’t have an official explanation of why that is, we have to assume it violates the TSA limit of 3.4 liquid ounces.

Which raises the question…

How much liquid is in a Magic 8 Ball anyway?

Proving that there is nothing that one cannot find out with a web search today, the Internet tells me that a Magic 8 Ball contains approximately 100ml of mysterious blue liquid. Another Google search tells me that 100ml is equal to 3.38 ounces.

So wait…

That’s less than the 3.4 ounce limit set by the TSA. By my math, you should actually be alllowed to take it on the plane. Hear that TSA?  You’ve got some apologizing to do.

(But since no one wants to have that argument with the boys in blue gloves, you’re better off just packing your Magic 8 Ball in your luggage should you feel compelled to travel with it for some reason.)

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