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What’s the Tarot Card for Leo?

What tarot card is leo?

Short Answer

The Major Arcana tarot card most commonly associated with the zodiac sign of Leo is Strength. However, there are also 4 Minor Arcana cards which can be associated with the sign of Leo. They are the 5, 6, 7 and Queen of Wands

The question, “What tarot card is Leo?” is a common one for star-sign Leo’s to ask.

The answer is: There isn’t just one single tarot card for Leo. In fact, there are a total of 5 different tarot cards that can be associated with the zodiac sign of Leo.

Of these 5 “Leo” cards however, just one of them is a Major Arcana card. So we’ll start with that one:


The tarot card that represents Leo

ar08The tarot card that best represents Leo is the Strength card.

The Strength tarot card and the Leo astrological sign are connected both in visual terms and on a deeper conceptual level. The strong visual connection to the sign of Leo is immediately obvious, with a large lion appearing on the Strength card.

In conceptual terms, the links between the tarot card and the astrological sign go even deeper:

The astrological sun-sign of Leo represents a strength of conviction, determination, leadership ability and inner resolve.

Likewise, the Strength tarot card represents a display of inner strength rather than physical strength. The card illustrates the “soft” power of resolute determination, inner fortitude and conviction.


Minor Arcana tarot cards associated with Leo

Aside from the visually obvious association with the Major Arcana Strength card, there are also 4 additional Minor Arcana cards which are generally associated with the sign of Leo.

The Minor Arcana cards associated with Leo are:

These 4 Minor Arcana Wands cards are linked to the sign of Leo for two reasons:

  1. They share a primary elemental association to Fire.
  2. They share a fixed astrological modality.

Fixed astrological modalities represent a sustaining and supporting force which secures and stabilizes. To continue reading about how astrological modality and primary elements can be used to connect the fields of astrology and tarot, see our post on the connections between astrology and tarot cards.


Why learn which tarot cards represent Leo?

There’s no requirement to combine the fields of astrology and tarot cards.  Most tarot readers probably keep each respective field in its own “bucket” and never combine the two. For those who do learn the ways in which tarot and astrology combine, the results can be very rewarding.

When you can to connect astrological properties with corresponding tarot cards — like what months are being referenced? What zodiac signs are relevant here?  Are specific people belonging to certain signs being referenced?  All these additional layers of meaning can make your readings deeper and more accurate.

Now that you understand the tarot astrology connection between Strength and LEO, try applying these insights in your next free tarot reading.

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